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App Store Marketing Packages

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Mobile App Marketing Packages

App Store Optimization helps make your app more visible in Apple’s App Store. By optimizing indexed copy like title and keywords and carefully choosing your app’s category, you can help the right users find your app in a crowded market.

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App Store Marketing Packages

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/ Per month
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Installs Per Month - 1500 - 2000
Keyword Research Report - 3/6
App Title Optimization
App Description Optimization
App Keywords Optimization
App Images Optimization
Monthly reporting
/ Per month
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Starter Plan includes
Installs Per Month - 3500 - 4000
Detailed App Review
Keyword Research Report - 5/10
Article Writing - 2
Press Release Writing - 1
Blog Writing - 4
/ Per month
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Include Professional Plan
Installs Per Month - 6500 - 7000
Keyword Research Report - 8/12
Article Writing - 3
Review Writing - 30
Article Submission - 15
Press Release Submission - 5

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. How do I optimize my app store?

Here are important steps you’ll want to take to improve your ASO in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  1. Use a Descriptive Title.
  2. Use Keywords Wisely.
  3. Describe Your App Well.
  4. Use High Quality Screenshots.
  5. Add an App Preview Video.
  6. Pick the Right Category.
  7. Focus on Icon Design.
  8. Encourage Positive Reviews.

2. How much is app store optimization?

With Mobile Action platform developers and?app?marketers can get competitor rankings,?app?download and revenue insights and make informed ASO decisions to increase their organic?app?downloads.

3. Why app store optimization is important?

App store optimization?is the continuous process of improving an?app’s?rank and discoverability in an?app store. The higher your?app?ranks in an?app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential users. Well, ASO works in a similar way, except with apps?competing for rank on the?app stores.

4. How does app store optimization work?

ASO is the process of?optimizing?mobile?apps?to rank higher in an?app store’s?search results. The higher your?app?ranks in an?app store’s?search results, the more visible it is to potential customers. That increased visibility tends to translate into more traffic to your?app’s?page in the?app store.

5. What is App SEO?

App?Store Optimization is an iterative process to improve the visibility of your?app?in mobile?app?stores. Similar like in?SEO, ASO is about increasing one’s ranking in relevant search rankings.

6. How do you write a mobile app description?

Write an App Store Description That Excites With These 5 Tips
  1. 255 characters define your app. That’s roughly the number of characters a user gets to see on your app’s profile page on the Apple app store without having to tap on the “more” link to read the extended description.
  2. Form of narration.
  3. Describe the problem and solution.
  4. Highlight key features.
  5. Credibility statements.

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