India's fastest billing software which comes with inventory, GST, barcode, SMS and email. Most simple and powerful billing software.

EZY Wallet: Only Accounting software made for Indian Small Businesses like YOURS!!
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Feature Rich Billing Software For Your Enterprises

Simple, efficient and Smart GST Billing Software. Specially designed for the Indian market.

Easy and Smart Billing

Stock Management

Access Rights

Employee Management

Multiple Currency Management

Analytics Management

Barcode & Sticker

Lifetime Support

Products Management

Cash Register

Customer Management

Tax Management

Financial Accounting

Supplier Management

Modern Enterprise POS Billing Software

Increase profit by maintaining customer loyalty, updated account book, inventory, taxes and many more. Check your business reports from anywhere, anytime with real time updates from your back office portal. It is powerful enough to take over the entire store, billing and back office management, thereby helping you save time, money and energy.
Ezy Wallet
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. Which is the best software for billing?

There are many Billing Software available in Market. EZY Wallet ie the best simple billing management software in India. Ezy Wallet is the all in one for accounting and billing.

2. What is billing software?

Billing ?refers to programs that handle the tracking of billable products and services delivered to a customer or set of customers. These types of programs automate much of what used to be a time-consuming process of preparing invoices?or other documentation.

3. What is POS billing software?

Just?Billing?Free Retail?POS is a simple, yet comprehensive billing?point of sale?software?that automates your business. This intuitive Retail?POS?app makes purchasing, inventory, payments, expenses and customer management easy, alongside?billing?and invoicing.

5. What is billing management system?

Billing Management System. It?is designed to handle time and?billing tracking as well as invoicing customer for services and products. It helps the business owner’s in a comprehensive manner to keep a track of multiple invoice and accounts just by few clicks on the mouse.

4. What is billing in accounting?

An invoice or other document received from a vendor, supplier, etc. usually for goods or services received. Also a verb to indicate that a customer’s sales invoice should be prepared for goods or services.

6. What are the features of POS?

A?feature-rich?POS?software provides a huge range of capabilities such as billing and order processing, sales monitoring and reporting, inventory tracking, returns, analytics, mobile connectivity, customer data management, employee management, and loyalty programs.

Ready-to-Use Billing and Accounting Software with Enterprise Reporting

Billing and Accounting Software

Horizon ERP is a ready-to-use GST billing and accounting software designed for small businesses.

Simple user interface for increased productivity
Save time with fast report generation
Ideal for distribution, retail, and manufacturing

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