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Edu Hub is the one stop solution for any type of educational institutes to automate data management process. Whether you are looking for the best school ERP for school, college or coaching institute, the dedicated and experienced team at Edu Hub knows well how to stand on the expectations of their clients and therefore, develops a user-friendly and secure school erp.

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Some Awesome Feature

Our expert is all set to provide you full control over the system with using our user-friendly features. Automated School ERP System can access through smart phones and it can manage data at one place.

Create Institute & School

SMS & Email Integration

Course Management

Hostal Management

Student Management

Exam Report Management

Library Management

Lifetime Support

Fee Management

Manage Subjects

Study Material

Payroll HR Management

Custom Report

Transportation Management

Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System

Edu Hub software can also be termed as Online School Management Information System Software consisting of modules like Attendance of students, Timetable, Examination, School News and Events, Results, etc.
Entry of Attendance
Exam Management
Student Attendance Management
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. What is the best school management software?

There are many company who offering School ERP. One of the best School Management Software is Edu Hub. Edu Hub is all in one management.

2. How much does a school management software cost?

The?average?one-time?cost?of?school administration software is $299, whereas the median brings that price?up to $4,000.

3. What is school ERP system?

An Enterprise resource planning (ERP)?software?is develop to maintenance your day-to-day?school?operations along with students database, financial accounting and payroll?management system.

4. What is the school management?

School Management?is a large database system which can be used to manage your?school’s?day-to-day activities.

School Management?System allows?school?staff to store almost all the important information of?school, student, staff as well as parents at one platform.

5. What are the benefits of school management system?

Benefits of Implementing School Management Software
  • Increases productivity. The management system boosts the productivity of the institute.
  • Student-teacher collaboration.
  • Saves natural resources.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Increase in enrollment.
  • Transparency with parents increases.
  • Reduction in the cost of communication.
  • Reduces workload.

6. What is MIS systems for schools?

school management information system?(MIS) brings together all of your assessment, attendance, behaviour, pupil and staff data into one?system.

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