Transforming Small Local Businesses into widely Recognized International Brands

Transforming small local businesses into widely recognized international brands is the big picture. But the beginning of most such business stories is with a small local outlet, a poor start whether in the name of ‘Mom & Pop’ stores or the shop next door!

Stories grow big when the businessmen strategically think of going up to another level by working on vital points like how to make my brand international? Do I have a market for it? Will I be able to deliver appropriately? Do the products need redesigning, repackaging, and branding with a new logo?

Having answers to such queries is the first step for converting a local brand to grow internationally. Of course, all of it follows a rigorous marketing strategy to make the product climb the ladder, each step, by working on those lines.

Some of the big business names had small businesses, to begin with, and later became names to reckon. Some of those old established names, having survived all tribulations of time and years, are Ikea, Pepsi, Walmart, Estee Lauder, Shell, Nestle, Toyota and much more in the FMCG business list is a long one depending on what they sell.

How do you market your promotions internationally?

For promoting international sales, the foremost requirement is to select overseas markets and determine where the orders are pouring in the most.

The strategy to go big internationally for the market economy needs a few points that need to be looked into and developed on the new lines of the economy of that time.

What worked yesterday may not work today. A wide range of considerations needs to be kept in mind for developing a global market for the brand in hand to have an international perception. The areas that need focus for this are:

1. Strategically Design Your Website:

Any website that aims for a global reach needs designing. It is not based on the look of the web page alone or on the appeal of the product that it seeks to portray but also other factors.

  • The country’s cultural and linguistic preference has to be kept in mind so that what is written is easily understood by the onlooker. Here an emphasis needs to be made on the font size of the alphabets chosen.For instance, Germany uses a bigger, bolder, and more precise text with a correct sentence structure and the preference differs from country to country.
  • The layout of the text should also have an international and cultural appeal. Some countries have a ‘busy’ look in their design while some don’t. With some research on various country websites, one can also conclude what needs a portrayal of your brand’s layout.
  • The visuals also play an essential role, whether in pictures or infographics, between content. It is a powerful component and vital for conveying the brand message. Images used should always have the highest resolution and should always have an international appeal, and they surely need to be culturally sensitive. 
  • The language component here is noteworthy. English is the most preferred language on the net. In case the product needs to be sold in Spain, the expression for consideration would be none other than Spanish, which should be original other than using the Google translation tool.

Being aware of the client’s requirement is the first prerequisite for building the brand internationally, regardless of the reasoning behind different preferences. However, some important points need to be kept in consideration for an international brand building market.

2. The International SEO for Brand Promotions:

SEO is a technical topic. However, for building an international brand and promoting it through SEO, merely writing in one country’s language is not enough to encourage sales. It means sales only for a specific area. Again, here the culture diversity comes into play, so:?

  • Use diverse languages andlook forward to relevant content material in the language spoken, for example, Chinese in China, Spanish in Spain.
  • Display content elsewhere. The content on the Google search bar is not enough. Not all countries have the same search engine. Others like Yandex, Baidu, and Bing dominate in some countries as they are less expensive and have much lesser traffic than Google.
  • Generating traffic on the search bar is SEO’s job, and it requires time. Specific signals created on search engines can bring a fair amount of traffic that it is likely to generate. For this, a business house has to be more organized. And it is required to spend a substantial amount of time, money, and effort on international websites.
  • Structure the website choices that are three types of website structures that promote international branding and retailing with the SEO they are:
    • country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs)
    • subdomains
    • subdirectories.

The codes are operated to promote sales in the domain where the business house aims to gain prominence. Each system has its own defined functions.

3. The Role of International PPC:

  • The country’s search character unfolds in the international PPC. It sets the ball rolling for competition in the international marketing allies. It provides insight into a country’s search character.
  • How do they look for brands that need to be purchased? What is the behavior that the citizens of the place follow? It means having a good score in the branding category, average ad position that the brand holds, and having the skills to send the visitors to the relevant landing page.

‘How to use Adwords’ is the buzz word here and a deep understanding of the country’s search behavior.

?4. Use of International Social Media Marketing:

  • Good skill for global digital marketing is what international social media marketing implies. This can be learned from experience and various reading materials available on the net. Moreover, a lot of support is available with International Business Assignment help providers, for those scholars looking for detailed essays on building a local brand into an international one. 
  • Growing dominant search engines other than relying only on one is the aim of increasing powerful search engines. For instance, if there is more traffic on one platform, the expenses likely to be incurred by the company are more.
  • Proper research will help zero other options, besides the most prominent Google, like Yandex, Bing, and more to search and advertising. It is also the source for reaching far off countries or those markets that are using this platform.

5. People That Are Your Target Audience:

It simply means people who are your target audience. Who would they like to buy online looking at the brand endorsement done online? Here, the culture of the region, the language used within the country, the political and economic condition all come into play.

 6. Tariffs Applicable On Products:

While transforming small local businesses into widely recognized international brands, it is also imperative to know the duties applicable to your brand you seek to advertise. It is too important to find out the trade barriers that decide the extent of profit of trying any international market in brand building for doing impeccable business internationally.


Of late in the last few years and the current pandemic, COVID- 19, has stirred a dilemma of sorts. Most companies’ economic and social scenario has even put the world’s largest brands on a back burner with the slow growth now, even in developed economies. It has given rise to homegrown brands again for promoting sales with existing customers.

Under the current scenario, the market is back to the same scene. The small local businesses, while transforming into widely recognized international brands, will undergo the same process when situations become political, socially, and economically viable for better businessinternationally!

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