Every website design should be unique and no one size fits all

Custom Website Design Services

Geoxis offers unique Custom Web Design most extraordinary, intuitive, engaging, functional and user-friendly customized websites which reflects our clients brand presence/image, expertise, products and services.

Get Your Website Customized To Your Business

Experts Services of Custom Web Design To Embody The Businesses On Internet

When you want a unique website for your business, you need custom web design services. Custom web designers don’t use templates or pre-defined limits. They’re guided by your goals and their inspiration to create a website that’s truly one of a kind.

What are the benefits of Custom Website Design?

Custom website design can be the right option for clients who want high quality designs and want their website to stand out of the competition. Geoxis is a one stop destination for custom web design solutions. We would design the website as per your likings.

A custom website designing allows the project to closely to the branding of the organization. ?The canvas is literally blank, so the designer creating the new web presence can maintain a connection with the overall branding.

Custom projects can have?templates that are designed specifically for your purposes. ?So an eCommerce site selling specialized products can have a page dedicated to specific items that is molded to the product at hand. ?This can mean the difference between a sale and a lost visitor.

Custom-designed websites simply have greater credibility. ?If your company is trying to raise funding, be acquired, or change the world.? It’ll be an easier sell to your visitor if they know you have a handcrafted experience.

Let us solve all your queries.

Custom website design means understanding more about your business, process strategy, user experience, design execution, programming, and successful online business presence.

Clients Testimonials

Fantastic work! I am just impressed by their service quality and working strategy. I hired them for the development of my website and they have satisfied me to the full by delivering the exceptional solution. They have a great expertise, are dedicated, attentive, talented and care much about the client needs. Highly recommended.

Sandeep Kumar Maurya

Founder of Developed INDIAN Society

Geoxis has helped us the best with redesigning our website. They not only reduced its loading time by implementing the right technology but also ensured that it is attractive and easy-to-use. They developed custom modules by understanding our needs effectively, ensured seamless communication for managing exigencies and delivered regular updates. Highly recommend them if you are looking for great output.



Great web development company. I have ever worked with. My PHP based website developed exactly as what I wanted. With an eye for detail & a great understanding of PHP, Geoxis helped me to open up lots more possibilities of PHP for my project. Great project management with the delivery of desired result.

Niraj Singh



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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. What is customized website?

A?customized website?does mean a?website?with unique design, features and functionality. You could also have a?customized website?that is a content management system, where you are able to add and edit your own content without writing code

2. How much should professional custom web design cost?

  1. A basic web design costs between $1000 to $10,000.
  2. An intermediate web design costs between $10,000 to $50,000.
  3. Advanced?web design?($50,000 to $100,000)

3. How long does It take to design a Custom Website?

A standard custom website will take anywhere from 6-10 weeks at a minimum from start to launch. The actual timeline depends on how long the design and feedback process takes. Every specific feature request can add to the overall time-frame.

4. Why Should Businesses Chose Custom Development?

A custom developed website not only provides a unique identity but also a great user experience for your users. Failing to provide good user experience, increases the chances of losing users and their businesses eventually.

5. Does A Custom-designed Website Improve Website Speed?

It is a statistical fact that most of the users want to load the website in less than 2 seconds and it’s possible with a custom-designed website. With custom design, you get a clean optimized code, which is key to improving speed.

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