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Before Write for us!!!? IMPORTANT POINTS!!! MUST READ!!!
1. We accept only?ORIGINAL, UNIQUE AND UNPUBLISHED?content. Therefore DO NOT SUBMIT COPIED CONTENT OR ALREADY PUBLISHED CONTENT. Doing so, may lead to serious legal implications. If you have already published?your?content on other website(s) and/or?your?own blog(s), ensure that you delete?your?content from those website(s)/blog(s) before submitting it to us.
2. DO NOT COPY CONTENT to other website(s) and/or?your?personal blog(s) once?your?content is published with us. However, you are free to publish 4-5 lines teaser and link of?your?published?story?to other website(s)/blog(s)
3. Once?your?content is published with us, it CAN NOT BE REMOVED OR DELETED.
4. We manually review all the contents therefore it may take 3-5 days to get?your?content published after you submit the content for our review.
5. We accept articles related to technology, web designing, digital marketing.
6. Minimum size of any content must be 900 words. There is no maximum word limit.
7. Ensure no grammar mistakes, typographical errors or improper line breaks. Content with grammar mistakes, typos and improper format will be rejected.
8. Be polite to?your?readers, fellow writers and our staffs.

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  • Please wait at least 10 days before re-submitting.
  • Our publication schedule tends to be loooong. So you might have to wait up to 1 month to get your work published. That being said, if we totally love your article, we might rush it through … to, like, next week or so.